GTS - Game Tracking System
"Everything in life is a game (which must be tracked)" - Paul Nepywoda

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GTS is a game-oriented but general purpose tracking system for use with anything which has a score, rank, time or winner. Participating players and teams, along with the location played at, event part of, and date played can be specified in a single instantiation of a Game Type called a Game. A Game Type holds attributes on itself, the players, and the scores which the players get while playing this game. The system is general enough to be able to keep track of events which are not typically considered "games" such as transportation times, gas prices, or the time it takes to go around a ferris wheel. Instead of keeping a separate table for each game type in a relational database, GTS allows users to specify game types using a simple web interface. The GTS schema has been tested over a wide variety of different game types.

Ability to track:
Both players and teams of players can play in these games, or none at all.

You may view the working demo administered by Paul Nepywoda, the author of GTS, to get a feeling of how GTS works. This instace of the GTS is filled with actual data collected since summer 2005. Logo
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